William (Bill) Komisar recently announced his retirement from the Ovation Jewish Home and the Jewish Home and Care Center Foundation Boards of Directors. Throughout his tenure, Bill graciously took critically important leadership positions as Chairman of the Board of Sarah Chudnow Community, Jewish Home, and Jewish Home and Care Center Foundation, as well as spearheading several major projects and fundraising efforts. Michael Sattell, President & CEO, sat down with Bill to talk about his long involvement with Ovation Communities, his plans for the near future, and his passion for volunteering.

Bill reflected that his involvement began in fourth grade visiting his grandfather, Frank Komisar, at the Jewish Convalescent Center on 51st and Silver Spring. “Later, I saw how well they took care of my grandma and my Aunt Bessie as well.” (The Convalescent Center later merged with the Jewish Home).

Around 1986, Nita Corre asked Bill to join the Jewish Home and Care Center Board, where others quickly “found out you’re a CPA and then, you’re Treasurer,” according to Bill.

Throughout his career, Bill recalls several moments he is proud of, with perhaps the rebuilding of the Jewish Home, from 2005 thru 2007, being most impactful. Along with that came the extraordinarily considerate, but complicated decision to purchase the Mequon Care Center so all Jewish Home residents could move there to avoid living through the tumult of the substantial reconstruction of their home. Bill feels that “the rebuild was remarkable and remains beautiful today.”

Bill is grateful for the relationships he’s made with other board members over the years, pointing out his friendships with Rick Rakita and Mike Joseph early on. During his leadership tenure, both Bill’s mother and father resided at the Jewish Home, where Bill continued to witness “the loving care they gave to my parents. Such kind souls.”

Bill, who also happens to be an attorney in his professional life, has recently retired as a partner at CLA, following a more than 40-year Public Accounting career that included leading his family’s firm, Komisar, Brady & CO., and is currently working as the CFO at a spice company. His wonderful wife Becky said, “My husband retired to a 40-hour per week job!” He and Becky enjoy traveling to see their three children and grandchildren — two and counting! — in Washington, D.C. He remains an integral part of our Foundation’s Investment Committee and hopes to continue volunteering. Bill and Becky have also been incredibly generous donors to the Foundation and in support of all residents.

“A ‘Mensch’ is a person of integrity and honor, this describes my friend, Bill Komisar, both on a personal and professional level,” said Arleen Peltz, Ovation Jewish Home and Jewish Home and Care Center Foundation board member. “His years of serving on the boards of the Jewish Home and the Foundation of the Jewish Home was with dedication.

“In the many years we have served together, I learned so much from him, especially when I became the chair of the Jewish Home and Bill was my mentor,” Peltz continued. “The achievements Ovation Communities has made would not have been possible if not for his wise counsel and patient advice. I am proud to call Bill my friend.”

A fund in Bill’s name was established several years ago to support employee enhancements. He encourages others to immerse themselves in volunteering, offering a good way to start is to “show your talents in a specific field by joining a committee. You meet a lot of really good people, which is very rewarding. And those relationships are invaluable.”