Ovation Communities takes pride in developing and maintaining relationships with residents. One way we are meeting the needs of the residents is through the Caring Partners volunteer organization. Led by Rabbi Steven Adams, Director of Pastoral Care, this group of specially trained volunteers provide gentle vigils and family respite care to residents at end of life.

The mission of the Caring Partners is to be of gentle service to residents by offering companionship, support, and comfort during their days at any of the facilities. In the early days there was a strong feeling against people dying alone. It was in these final days that one of the Caring Partner volunteers would come to comfort the resident and family members. Over time, Caring Partners has evolved, and participants now connect with family and friends at earlier stages so that they can really get to now the families and residents and offer the support that’s needed.

“Caring Partners volunteers are indeed privileged individuals, privileged in the sense that we can be present and supportive of a Jewish Home resident who is embarking on their next journey,” says Caring Partner volunteer Phil Himmelfarb. “Our role is to provide comfort and companionship for the individual and, when appropriate, respite care for the family. It is a responsibility that we do not take lightly.”