All non-essential visitation inside our buildings is currently suspended. We are allowing entry to only individuals who need entry, as follows:

  • i) Essential visitation includes – Facility employees, contractors and consultants who are needed to keep the operations running and assure the residents’ needs are met.
  • ii) Immediate families or friends who need to visit for critical or time sensitive reasons such as hospice-related visits, complete medical authorizations, etc. These visitors will be instructed to limit their movement within the facility.
  • We continue to actively screen individuals entering the building and will restrict entry to those with respiratory symptoms or possible exposure to COVID-19.
  • Non-employee personal caregivers are restricted from entry at Ovation Jewish Home location.
  • No individual under the age of 18 will be allowed entry.
  • We are continuing to require all individuals entering the building to wash their hands at entry and exit.

Ovation Jewish Home

Visitors are currently not allowed at the Jewish Home, and we encourage you to schedule a virtual visit.

While other businesses have reopened, the guidance for senior living, especially nursing homes, is far stricter than that given for other establishments given the vulnerable population in our care. Ovation follows the stages for reopening as recommended by CMS in its May 18, 2020 memorandum.

Ovation Chai Point

Chai Point is allowing visits following specific parameters:

  • Visits take place outside.
  • Maintain at least a 6-foot distance.
  • All parties wear masks at all times.
  • No physical contact, i.e. holding hands, hugging, etc.

We appreciate your cooperation following these guidelines put in place to keep all of our residents safe.