Discovering an unknown passion … unearthing joy and creativity

It is never too late to find your passion. Helen Sher started taking art classes at age 60 when she attended a woodworking class at Cardinal Stritch.

Helen Sher, daughter to Morris and Minnie Rabinovitz, was born and raised in Milwaukee, where she also raised her two children Armin Sher and Robin Kasch with her husband Jerry. Helen is a wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother who puts other people’s needs before her own.

Helen loved the challenge of working with watercolors. After realizing that woodworking was not for her she moved on to painting where she tried working with oils and acrylics before working with watercolors. Helen and Jerry spent most winters in Florida to escape the Wisconsin winters. While in Florida Helen worked on her paintings while also taking more art classes.

Helen has always had a strong interest in art, whether she was clipping pictures from magazines to frame and put up in her home or collecting pieces of art while traveling. Helen discovered that art was a creative and peaceful outlet for her where she could lose all worries or concerns and focus on the colors and her painting. “Water color painting gave me such a feeling of relaxation. All of my worries would go away and I would just think of the color. The pieces I painted are still therapeutic to me today.”

Helen has never thought to display her work before, but for her 100th Birthday Ovation Chai Point put Helen’s artwork on display for all to see. Helen had a difficult time picking the pieces she wanted to exhibit, because “they are like my children…I love each one of them”.