How do you prepare financially for the possibility of needing long-term health care, whether in your home or a senior living community?
Presented by Susan Baran, JD, CFP, AEP, Vice President, Senior Wealth Strategist at PNC Wealth Management
The Truth about Navigating Senior Care and Affording It – Did you know there are over 500 senior communities and facilities in the Milwaukee metro area? Hundreds of In-home care options? How do you decide which one is the “right” one for you or your loved one? What are the best ways to pay for home care or assisted living? Also, get the inside information about what to expect when you’re in the hospital, leaving rehab, receiving in-home care and in assisted living and what your choices are when planning ahead.
Presented by Lauren O’Desky, Certified Senior Advisor® and the President and Owner of Oasis Senior Advisors of North Milwaukee.
This session will introduce you to the wide range of services provided by professional move managers. Move Managers help clients with all aspects of moving, downsizing and getting a well loved home ready for sale. In addition to discussing strategies, timing and resources, this session will help attendees understand that professional move managers exist to help reduce the stress, anxiety and overwhelming feeling most people have when facing a later life transition.
Presented by Karen Peck Katz, Certified Senior Move Manager and a Professional Organizer for A Gift of Time, LLC.
Seth Wahlberg, Owner and Senior Move Manager of A Gift of Time, LLC
The word “hospice” carries such a negative connotation that individuals who could greatly benefit miss out because of the word. In this session we will dispel myths and replace fear of hospice with the words Compassion, Caring and Dignity. The cares provided under the benefits of Palliative and hospice will be reviewed with question and answer period to follow.
Presented by Dr. Katherine Recka, MD - Horizon Home Care and Hospice