The Torah is the link of traditions and values that connect us to the moment – over 3,300 years ago, when the Jewish people stood at the foot of Mount Sinai to receive and bear witness of the Torah from G-d. The Torah has been the central-most factor of the Jewish nation’s survival throughout history and the Torah provides light and hope for the next generation.

Like grandparents to their grandchildren, The Torah bestows upon us the strength and wisdom that time and experience has given. Like grandchildren to their grandparents, the Torah blesses us with a youthful vitality and innocence that help us stay young at heart forever. Like grandparents and grandchildren together, we with the Torah – create a chain of love hope and light, linking the past with the future.

Any one link of a chain connects the next link with all the links that preceded it. That in turn, connects all the previous links with even the very last link. This new Torah represents a unique moment in the cycle of Jewish life, a moment that plays an integral role in Dor L’Dor as the link of generations passing on the mitzvot from one generation to the next.

Our Torah literally brings together the links of generations in a very special way. Our residents, their families and other visitors will celebrate Shabbat, Jewish holidays and life cycle events with this Torah. A grandparent will recall and share the Torah experience of his youth while a grandchild will proudly witness the effort commitment and dedication bestowed upon him. Together we will share moments of joy and grief as an extended family.

This new Torah comes at a time of great need for the Kohl Family Synagogue with current Torahs that are either no longer Kosher or are too heavy for our residents to carry during weekly Shabbat services and special Jewish holiday services. The new Torah will bring a renewed source of pride in our holy sanctuary, for residents, their families, staff and visitors. It is our hope to memorialize the past and experience new memories to treasure together with a new Torah that will continue to give prominence to the caring, nurturing and spiritual environment our residents yearn for.

The 613th mitzvah is the obligation for every person to write a sefer Torah. As it states towards the end of Deuteronomy, G-d commanded the Jews:

“write this song for yourselves… (31:9).”

[ועתה כתבו לכם את השרה הזאת… [דברים לא:יט

Every letter in the Torah represents a Jewish soul and a completed Torah signifies complete Jewish unity. We are thrilled at Ovation Communities to bring together every segment of the community for this momentus and auspicious mitzvah. It is a great honor to fulfill the treasured Mitzvah of participating in writing a Torah. By dedicating a letter, word, sentence, or chapter for yourself or in the merit of family, friends or in memory of loved ones, it is as if you have written your own Torah scroll and bore witness at Mount Sinai . We invite you to mark your living legacy by sponsoring a letter, verse or other important portions of our new Torah for each member of your family or in memory of a loved one. You also have the option to sponsor a resident in this important Mitzvah.

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