With a 113-year history, Hand in Hand, the volunteer arm of Ovation Communities, has been around as long as the Jewish Home, providing companionship and comfort for residents and helping fund essential services and equipment.

Originally the women’s auxiliary for the Jewish Home and Care Center, Hand in Hand was formed to provide care and companionship for residents, focusing their efforts on lifting spirits with friendly visits, organizing activities, and assisting with reading, spiritual care, and tasks like writing letters to loved ones.

Today, Hand in Hand is an indispensable part of Ovation Communities. Over the years, the organization has expanded their service offerings in ways that immeasurably enhance the quality of
life for all residents. While their gift of  time is priceless, Hand in Hand also provides critical financial support to Ovation Communities through the Jewish Home and Care Center Foundation, ensuring residents have access to innovative technology that enhances their care.

“Hand in Hand is dedicated to making the lives of all residents better and more enjoyable,” said Arleen Peltz, former Hand in Hand chair. “It is an honor and a gift to be able to do so.”

To support these critical initiatives, Hand in Hand developed a grant program which raises money through the gift shop, membership, donations, and events. All grants go towards services to improve quality of life for residents including everything from music programs, parties, memorial services and beautification projects to sensory stimulation machines, bifocal kits, robotic pets and dolls, and medical grade computers.

Hand in Hand also provides guidance to Ovation Communities’ Caring Partners program, led by Director of Pastoral Services, Rabbi Steven Adams. Caring Partners believe that no one should be alone at the end of life. Many residents have families who live out of town, are in situations where they find themselves alone or are waiting for loved ones to arrive. “Over the years carefully selected volunteers have stayed overnight with residents and provided a friendly face to keep them company,” said Mary Anne Selby, current Hand in Hand chair. “This special service offers family members a break with the comfort of knowing their loved one is not alone.”


  • Ensures that residents are able to be part of a caring community through the efforts of 250 volunteers.
  • Provides financial support to both the long-term care and rehabilitation programs at the Jewish Home and Sarah Chudnow campuses.
  • Started a medical equipment fund by donating $250,000 for innovative technology and equipment.
  • Donated $500,000 to renovate Jewish Home in 2005.

“Through their dedication and care for our residents Hand in Hand has made Ovation Communities a better place,” said Michael Sattell, President and CEO of Ovation Communities.
“Their example is an inspiration to us all and we are extremely grateful for the beauty, joy and friendship they bring to our residents and to everyone at Ovation Communities.”

To make a donation or to become a member of Hand in Hand click the donate button at the of top of the page and Choose Hand in Hand as the designation. Or mail a check made out to: Hand in Hand c/o Dedra Devereaux, Jewish Home and Care Center Foundation.