Members: Chair: Judy Margolis, Bobbi Caraway, Suzy Ettinger, Denny Geller, Josh Gimbel, Jeff Winter 

Staff: President/CEO – Mike Sattell, CAO –  Randy Crosby

Founding Date: July 2014

Mission: The Art Committee provides guidance, oversight and support to ensure high quality operations regarding major issues related to visual arts. It is dedicated to perpetuating the life-cycle of existing artwork on our campuses and bringing in new pieces and exhibits.

Story of the Art Committee:

The Art Committee was formed in early Summer 2014. The first project for the committee was to create a permanent exhibit for the Rubenstein Pavilion, and the project was to be underwritten by Hand in Hand, Partners in Caring, the volunteer arm of our organization. “We knew we wanted to create something unique to the Jewish Home,” said Judy Margolis, chair of the Art Committee. “We also knew we wanted a photo mural, and so I started talking with the artist Tony Spolar to come up with ideas on what our theme should be. It became apparent that the fifth commandment, Honor Thy Father and Mother, is central to our organization and is meaningful to the population here.” The finished mural features more than 1,000 photos, telling the story of the Jewish community in Milwaukee. The photo mural dedication event was held in June 2015 with over 200 people in attendance.

From the mural project, the committee then developed into accomplishing the task of keeping art in the forefront of our communities, and keeping the residents and visitors of the Jewish Home and Care Center, Chai Point and Sarah Chudnow Community engaged with art. “After the mural project, the committee was very enthusiastic to move forward and keep going,” Judy said. Thus began a new series, “Private Collection,” featuring works of art on loan by local collectors. The first exhibit the Art Committee brought in was from the private collection of Judy and Bud Margolis, and it features eight John McCarthy paintings. “These paintings are colorful and nostalgic,” said Judy. “They are Milwaukee icons that people can relate to. The residents and visitors have been very responsive to the collection.”

Mike Sattell, president/CEO said, “The committee is such a great group of people who bring different perspectives from varied backgrounds. They are all committed to our mission and want to make things the best they can for our residents. We have such a beautiful campus, and the Art Committee is giving us knowledge and expertise to make it even more beautiful.”

What does it do for our residents?
Says Judy Margolis, “The Art Committee is here to stimulate conversation and thought, and the desire to understand and appreciate art. It promotes interesting dialogues about art and what it means to people. We’re bringing art to our residents and bringing them joy.”

What’s next for the Art Committee?
Coming in Summer 2016 – a special exhibit featuring the artwork of Milwaukee-based artist Barbara Kohl-Spiro. Stay tuned for more details to follow in the coming months! Find out more about Barbara Kohl-Spiro at her website.

Photo 1: Judy and Bud Margolis standing in front of their private collection of eight John McCarthy paintings on display in the Jewish Home and Care Center. Photo credit – Paul Ruffolo Photography. 

Photo 2: The photo mural in the Rubenstein Pavilion.

If you are interested in sharing your art collection with our residents, contact Liz Brach at 414.721.9255 or