A Message From the CEO

Kavod Connections

In this issue of Kavod Connections we are proud to introduce you to Teen Ovation, an initiative recently chosen by the Association of Jewish Aging Services (AJAS) for a distinguished Jewish Programming Award. We are so proud of this recognition and the great honor to be able to share it with Jewish senior living communities around the world.

AJAS, founded in 1960, serves as a meeting place for innovation and thought leadership to drive outstanding mission based elder services. Ovation Communities has a long history of active participation in AJAS, with Nita Corré having served as its Chairperson, and I currently serve as Treasurer.

Through our involvement we are one of over 100 organizations, worldwide, committed to sharing best practices to assist each member community to excel. Our Jewish programming award, our second in five years following Rabbi Steven Adams Holocaust Survivors’ Seder, recognizes innovative programming that can be easily replicated by other AJAS members.

Please read further, here Teen Ovation Board Wins Jewish Programming Award, Blueprint For Facilities Worldwide – Ovation Communities, about what inspired Tanya Mazor-Posner, our Vice President of Development, to launch this amazing program.