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Board of Directors Spotlight: Get to Know Jay Frank

Kavod Connections

Jay Frank is a wealth manager whose training helps people use their financial resources to achieve their objectives through appropriate investments, cash flow management, tax strategies, estate planning and family communication. He is passionate about serving his clients and feels fulfilled to have a profession where his contributions matter. As of July 1, 2020, Jay Frank has been leading Ovation Jewish Home as the Chairman of the Board. Frank served on the Jewish Home and Chai Point boards, as well as Ovation’s Joint Executive Committee, before being named Jewish Home chairman, and he remains committed fulfilling all strategic pillars of the organization.

Question: How did you first get involved with Ovation Communities?

Jay Frank: I had some experience with the Milwaukee Jewish Home and Care Center when my father was a resident in 2004. But I became really involved with Ovation when my mother made a move to Chai Point several years ago. My mother had originally moved from out of town and spent a few years living alone in our neighborhood after her retirement as a professor. Chai Point was a fabulous destination where she met many friends and found a real community where she could continue to be independent. As the years progressed, her memory issues resulted in a relocation to the Helen Bader Center which was more appropriate for her new status.

Q: What is it that you enjoy most about serving Ovation Communities?

JF: In my time with Ovation, I have grown in admiration for the responsibilities of our dedicated staff. When asked to dedicate some of my time and expertise, I was eager to assist and try to fulfill some of responsibility to support our community. We have a world class resource and we have a responsibility to cherish and protect its future. I have been so impressed by the quality of many of our lay leaders. We are very fortunate to have such a dedicated group.

Q: As chairman of the Jewish Home board, what is the first thing you’re going to address?

JF: Before Covid, I was privileged to be part of Ovation’s Strategic Planning Task Force designed to establish a set of priorities for Ovation to respond to the challenges facing our community. After carefully considering the broad range of needs, the task force identified major pillars to provide direction for the next five years. As Chairperson, I am committed to all of the pillars, but I am particularly committed to four areas:

  1. To focus on Governance to increase the involvement of community stakeholders in Ovation and to streamline the governance functions.
  2. To focus on making certain that Ovation has the licensing and programming to provide a continuum of care so that there are many living options available to our residents to meet their needs.
  3. To focus on making certain that Ovation is a multigenerational gathering place of members of our community both as residents and non-residents through programs, services, and events. 4. To maintain our leadership in research and education in the areas of aging and to continue to collaborate with the University communities to provide a framework for best practices.

Q: What are your hobbies and how do you spend your free time?

JF: My wife and I invest much of our free time in our children and grandchildren. After decades as a clinical dietitian in long-term care, she is now a professional Bubbe and community volunteer. She is one of the directors of The Torah Academy of Milwaukee’s annual musical. I am active on several Boards of Directors. I also have a commitment to regularly learning Torah throughout the day. I enjoy singing and genuinely enjoy participating in prayer services with others. I enjoy home repair and remodeling projects. My grandchildren think Zaidy can fix anything. I enjoy the opportunity to purchase “new tools” to help me.