From The Desk of Michael Sattell

Kavod Connections February 13, 2023

January 1, 2023, welcomed a new President to Ovation Communities, Mike Silverman, to lead our community. The New Year has also blessed our community with Tanya Mazor rising to the position of President of the Jewish Home and Care Center Foundation. So, you might be asking, “why I am still writing to you?” I want to thank you for the honor of having served in this vital community position, and to ask you for your continued support and love of our community’s elders.

When I was asked in 2010 by Nita Corré to consider leaving my family’s business after 30 years, I was only 51 years old. It was an exceedingly difficult decision for me, but for those of you who knew Nita, it was impossible to tell her “no!” Twelve years goes by fast, and we have had many measurable and impactful accomplishments and advancements, as well as many challenges that come with leading a complex, highly regulated, health care-hospitality-real estate and kosher business. Throughout, the opportunity to daily cherish our loved ones, while being blessed to provide them a quality Jewish environment, with comfort, meaning, independence, and dignity, inspires all of us who work in their home. I have grown in my love and admiration of our elders, and I am in perpetual awe of the wisdom in their life stories.

In these uncertain economic times, the continued government underfunding of our elders’ care poses a significant obstacle to maintaining this highest level of care and service that is Ovation Communities. It takes an outstanding team of caregivers across all disciplines, and their leaders, to endure and thrive. Mike Silverman and Tanya Mazor are both dedicated and talented professionals, along with the entire Ovation team, deserving of your continued support. Your financial support today, and for generations, has provided for our continued ability to transcend these challenging times. Your personal support and encouragement energizes the entire Ovation staff in joining you by honoring and cherishing each living soul we’ve served.

My fond admiration goes out to each and every one of you, and my sincere wish is for your continued support of Ovation Communities, and to be fulfilled and nourished by your dedication to our elders. Our work is sacred. Your impact will endure for generations to come!

With unending gratitude,

Michael Sattell