Ovation Communities New Website Coming Soon

Kavod Connections

Ovation Communities recently partnered with Lightburn, a Milwaukee based digital agency, to develop a new interactive, approachable, and informative website that is poised to launch in the coming months.

“What started off as simple improvements became a whole new design and functionality,” said Michael Opitz, Ovation Communities Director of Technology and Security. “With technology continuing to develop and evolve at rapid speed, we decided it was time the old website got a total refresh.”

The new site makes it easy for users to find and digest the information they’re looking for through the use of video, images and descriptive written content. It is also easier to navigate and offers an all-around better user experience.

“We are very excited about the launch of our new website,” said Ryan Berlin, Ovation Communities Public Relations Manager. The new website is informative, fun, interactive, and a representation of the services Ovation has to offer.”

“Everything on the new site is very free flowing and intuitive; each click has a purpose.”

The updated website is “service forward,” and goes in depth while explaining Ovation’s offerings and what makes each community unique.

A “Resident Life” section includes an abundance of digital content showcasing daily happenings within Ovation’s communities. The new “Where to Begin” page helps users better navigate the site.