Ovation Communities Public Relations Manager: Get to Know Ryan Berlin

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Ovation Communities is thrilled to welcome Ryan Berlin to the team. Ryan joined Ovation in January 2021.

Having a passion for people and storytelling, Ryan Berlin, Ovation Communities new Public Relations Manager, knew immediately that Ovation Communities was the place for him.

After moving to Milwaukee in 2016 with his wife Adrienne, Ryan knew that he wanted to expand on his career. A journalist by trade, Ryan graduated from Central Michigan University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism.

“When we moved to Milwaukee, I was looking for something more career wise,” Ryan said. “I had worked as a writer, journalist and magazine editor. I knew I was looking to take the skillset I already had and add to it.”

Ryan, his wife Adrienne, brother Stu, and children Maxine and Eli, enjoy their annual trip to Sobelman’s for Maxine’s fourth birthday.

Ryan, his wife Adrienne, brother Stu, and children Maxine and Eli, enjoy their annual trip to Sobelman’s for Maxine’s fourth birthday.

Post-graduation, Ryan kicked off his career in journalism working at a small-town newspaper in Mount Pleasant, Mich. While working as a journalist Ryan was exposed to the public relations side of communications and decided to pursue it as a career.

After making the switch to PR, Ryan worked for two years as the communications director for the American Power Boat Association before being promoted to the director of operations.

While working as a writer for a trade magazine in Milwaukee, Ryan went back to school to get a master’s degree in public relations from Kent State University.

“When I got my master’s degree, I bounced around a little bit professionally,” Ryan said. “It took me some time to find my niche within public relations. I worked for a couple of different agencies and agency life just wasn’t for me. I wanted to work directly with people, working toward a specific mission and Ovation has given me the opportunity to do that.

“My favorite part about working in public relations is being able to tell a story through an organization’s mission, vision and core values,” Ryan continued. “I believe this positively impacts both the residents and the community as a whole.”

Ryan, and his wife Adrienne attended Wrestlemania 32 and Wrestlemania Axxess on their honeymoon in Dallas, Texas.

Ryan is a one-person department at Ovation, and his role focuses on promoting all aspects of the organization. This includes managing digital and print advertising and developing different campaigns that align with Ovation’s overall mission.

Some of Ryan’s main duties include working with and engaging residents, overseeing external communications, managing and updating social media platforms, producing content for the quarterly newsletter and updating the website.

“Jumping into this position and getting to talk with residents and listen to their needs and telling their stories has been one of my favorite aspects of the job,” Ryan said. “I love engaging with the
residents and the rest of the team, it feels great to be part of a community both here at Ovation and in Milwaukee.”

One of Ryan’s main goals for the future is expanding Ovation’s social media presence. He wants to highlight the activities, events and living that goes on at Ovation. He would also love to see Ovation’s social media presence expand to platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

While serving the Ovation community Ryan plans on continuing to position the organization as an industry leader in assisted and senior living.

“I want to break the stigma of senior living facilities being referred to as a ‘home.’ Ovation isn’t just residents sitting around, there is so much life here that I want to showcase and highlight,”

Ryan said. “I want to show the community what life is really like here and the care and expertise that Ovation has to offer.”