Ovation Communities Recognized For Partnership with University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Kavod Connections

In August of 2014, Ovation Communities partnered with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee College of Nursing in an effort to improve the quality of life, human dignity, and healthcare outcomes for residents and older adults worldwide. Now, In recognition of eight years of research and collaboration, Ovation Communities has been awarded the UWM College of Nursing Community Partnership Award.

“Beginning with Dr. Christine Kovach, and now with Dr. Maurad Taani, the research we have been able to help facilitate has been inspiring,” said Ovation Communities President and CEO Michael Sattell. “We are honored to be able to contribute to the betterment of our community and for seniors in long-term care facilities around the world.”

The Community Partnership Award recognizes individuals or organizations who have been engaged in collaborative activities to address community needs and health issues in society.

Submitted for the award by Dr. Taani, said the criteria consists of three main objectives. “The first is demonstrating sustained partnership and meaningful contributions in collaboration with the college of nursing at UWM,” Dr. Taani said. “Second is to demonstrate creative approaches to building partnerships with the College of Nursing at UWM. Lastly, we had to showcase collaborative partnership activities which assist in fulfilling the mission of the college of Nursing at UWM which benefits the broader community.”

Funded by a grant from the Jewish Home and Care Center, research has primarily focused on alleviating the range of human suffering that comes in the context of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

Retiring in 2020, Dr. Kovach was succeeded by Dr. Taani, whose research focuses primarily on improving lung health, strengthening respiratory muscles, and increasing physical ability in older adults.

“I was mentored by Dr. Kovach over the years,” Dr. Taani said. “When the opportunity arose to build on the work she had done at Ovation Communities, I jumped at the chance.

“The partnership provides the necessary resources, facility, and access to residents, that fosters and helps promote research and improve health outcomes and quality of life in older adults,” Taani said. “It’s a win-win for everybody; for residents, students, researchers, UWM, and Ovation Communities. I can’t thank Ovation Communities enough for this partnership and collaboration. We are working to keep this going for the foreseeable future.”