This is the first in an on-going series that will appear occasionally to highlight some of the hidden gems in our treasure chest of people who give their time to our organization.

Josh Gimbel is the chairman of the Jewish Home and Care Center Board of Directors. His involvement began in the late 1990s when his grandfather, Gene Posner, introduced him to Nita Corré. Josh was at an event at the US Bank. He spent time talking with Nita and she told him, “Someday you will be the chair of the Jewish Home and Care Center board.” Soon after that meeting he joined the JHCC board which was under the chairmanship of Mike Joseph.

“I’m involved in almost every committee and this is my third year as chairman of the JHCC board,” Josh said. He is also the chair of the executive committee and serves on the board of the Jewish Home and Care Center Foundation.

Josh enjoys his time here. “I find it to be a wonderful and important experience. This organization supports the elderly and infirm in our Jewish community; what could be more important that?”

Josh, an attorney with Gimbel, Reilly, Guerin and Brown has been married for 20 years. He has a 19-year-old son and a 17-year-old daughter.

Josh’s grandfather Harold Gimbel spent some time at the Jewish Home as a rehab resident. It was during this time that Josh met Arleen Peltz, who was a great influence and they became close friends. Spending time at the Jewish Home and Care Center, he said, was like coming home.

If someone says that they would like to volunteer but just do not have the time, Josh tells them, “find the time. This experience is incredibly rewarding.”

The aspect of volunteering itself means a great deal to Josh. Aside from all of his work for the Jewish Home and Care Center he also volunteers at the Milwaukee Justice Center, the Hunger Task Force, and sits on the board of the Discovery World Museum. Josh truly understands the importance of being a volunteer and cherishes the rewards that come from doing something meaningful and worthwhile.

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Photo caption: Josh Gimbel, Chairman and mother Barbara Ward, Secretary of the Gene and Ruth Posner Foundation accepting the Generation to Generation Award at the Annual Lunch in 2013.