Ovation Communities is the proud recipient of the Corporate Partner Award from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. This annual award recognizes corporations or non-profit organizations that have a significant impact on the campus and/or on the lives of alumni and students by assisting in the advancement, growth, and/or development of UWM.

Our long-term partnership with UWM includes the establishment of our organization’s first Director of Research, Dr. Christine Kovach. Research studies taking place at Ovation Communities focus on critical issues related to the field of gerontology, including dementia, disability and physical ability of older adults. Ovation Communities has also provided excellent learning opportunities for students in art, social work, theater and physical therapy at UWM. This partnership is making a significant impact on UWM, assisting in its advancement, growth and development; and helping UWM maintain its top research status.

On October 6, five Ovation Communities staff members attended the Awards Evening 2017 at the Pfister Hotel.