As part of our partnership with the community, the Jewish Home and Care Center once again participated in the Ma’ot Chittim, the committee that distributes food for Passover to people who would otherwise not be able to have a Passover seder. Each person received a package with a box of matzo, a frozen chicken, gefilte fish, horseradish, grape juice, chicken soup mix, and candles. The items are donated by the community, sorted at the Jewish Community Center (JCC) and brought here to the Jewish Home for distribution. About 30 volunteers were here on Sunday to pack the bags, register the people, and escort them through the process.

Thanks to the combined efforts of Environmental Services and Marketing/Communications, with the help of security, things went well on our campus, and more than 500 people were served in under three hours. Thanks to all who were involved!

The committee is assessing whether there are enough funds to continue the Passover food distribution next year. For more information visit

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