The Jewish Home and Care Center (JHCC) Foundation financially supports the operations of the Jewish Home and Care Center, Chai Point and the Sarah Chudnow Community.

The JHCC Foundation has several committees that advise Michael Sattell, CEO and President of the JHCC Foundation and its Board of Directors in matters involving our mission; to provide our Jewish Community with those services that enable our seniors or infirm to be part of a quality Jewish environment with comfort, meaning, independence and dignity.

Research Committee
 Recently a new committee, the Research Committee, was formed to help guide our Research Program and its director, Dr. Christine Kovach. The JHCC Foundation is committed to advancing knowledge regarding best practices in long-term care and aging well. To this end, the JHCC maintains a research office that coordinates research activities at the Jewish Home and Care Center. The purpose of the Research Committee is to foster the development of research projects at the JHCC that advance knowledge regarding best practices in long-term care and aging well. The Research Committee identifies gaps in scientific knowledge regarding long-term care or older adults’ health and well-being and determines the feasibility and priority for such projects at JHCC. The committee will also review requests for research and compliance of projects with federal requirements.

The committee meets four times a year and reports directly to the chairperson of the Foundation. The committee makes recommendations to the chairperson of the Foundation for review and approval. The chairperson presents the recommendations for final approval by the Foundation board of directors.

Grant Committee
 The JHCC Grant Committee plays an integral part in our mission to improve the daily lives of our residents. The Grant Committee was formed in 2015 in an effort to make the Foundation granting process transparent and meets four times per year. The Committee members have the express authority to do the following, to the extent permitted by applicable law and our articles of incorporation and bylaws:

  • Review grant proposals as submitted.
  • Make recommendation for Foundation fund selection
  • Make recommendations for funding to the Foundation board of directors.
  • Post-review of program evaluation reports

Annually review, through self-evaluation, the committee’s performance in fulfilling these responsibilities and goals.

The Grant Committee, in evaluating a grant request, determines that primary consideration should be given to grant requests for innovative projects and programs that meet some or all of the following criteria:

  • Has a positive impact on the delivery of care at our facilities;
  • Has potential for long-term sustainability beyond the grant period;
  • With Foundation funding, would help position us for additional funding from individuals, corporations, foundations and other external sources;
  • ls consistent with our mission, and strategic and operational priorities.

In January, the committee met to review grants for fiscal year 2016-2017. At the meeting, after review and discussion of each grant proposal, the committee granted 21 grants for a total of $65,100.

The grants were for various activities and programming, dietary, nursing, social services, religious and pastoral care needs; all have a direct impact on the quality of life for residents and helps to fulfill our mission.

To learn more about the Research and Grant Committees, as well as other ways to be involved, call 414.721.9260.