The volunteer program at Ovation Communities began 110 years ago and is still thriving today as community members donate their time to make a positive difference in the lives of others. Volunteers take on important day-to-day work, but just as meaningful are the small acts of kindness that can go a long way.

“Residents love our volunteers, and they’re thrilled when they come in and spend quality time,” said Volunteer Coordinator Beth Draper. “Our volunteers have told us that they get so much more than what they’re giving.”

Ovation is thankful for the passionate contributions of Andy Stone, who began as a volunteer in July 2016. After seeing a documentary about the benefits of music for people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, Andy worked to build Ovation’s music library to include more music from the 1950s through the ‘70s.

Andy often spends time with residents reading scripts and plays. Using a script written in the 1970s by the father of Ovation Communities President and CEO Mike Sattell, Andy brought it back to life and organized a full-length production with the residents for New Year’s Eve. The play, titled Passport 73, was performed at each Ovation Communities location and was a smashing hit.

The most rewarding part, Andy says, is seeing the residents come out of their shells. “When we did the first performance of Passport 73, people who might be quiet or shy gave it their all. It was touching to see them have their moment,” said Andy.

Andy is currently writing another play with Bonnie Jean Barczak, Activities Director at Ovation Chai Point, and expects it to be completed and performed later this year.

If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering, contact Beth Draper at