A new sculpture exhibit was unveiled at Ovation Sarah Chudnow on June 10. The exhibit, “Steel the Light,” by Wisconsin artist Joel Pfeiffer included the unveiling of his newest sculpture “When Spirit Speaks” the first in his new GATEWAY series.

Pfeiffer’s recent sculptures are an exploration of how light, color, steel and glass can be melded together in new and unexpected visual delights. The sculptures capture both the eye and “steel” the light, holding them for conversation and thought.

Pfeiffer’s sculptures came to Ovation Sarah Chudnow on May 25 and were on display until July 17.








On June 24, Ovation Sarah Chudnow hosted a Gubernatorial Forum in partnership with Grassroots North Shore. The seven top-polling candidates for the Democratic nomination for Governor responded to a wide array of questions and issues facing our community.

The crowd was standing room only, with over 230 community members in attendance.