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About us

Ovation Communities

Welcome to Ovation Communities, where faith, purpose and care come together for lives filled with joy. Each community is dedicated to the specific needs of our residents and serves as a gathering place for agile seniors seeking engagement, companionship, and, most importantly, purpose. So you can celebrate life by continuing to live it.

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Our mission

Get to Know Us

To provide our Jewish community with those services that enable our seniors or infirm to be part of a quality Jewish environment with comfort, meaning, independence and dignity. We provide two outstanding choices for Jewish senior living: Ovation Jewish Home, Ovation Chai Point, and Kavod Terrace.


The first Jewish Home came about from the genesis of an organization designed to meet the needs of Milwaukee Jewry from birth through death. In 1906, the Hebrew Institute Organization included a Home for the Aged, or the Moshav Zekanim. It was created to care for those elderly Jews who did not have the family or funds to sustain themselves without public charity.  


Our team is dedicated to the quality and experience of our communities. Our executive and manager teams, along with individual boards, work together to maintain the success of each community. We strive to provide quality services, amenities, and staff so that our residents continue to live every day to the fullest. 

Pastoral Care & Services

Since our founding in 1906, our identity as a Jewish Community has guided everything we do at Ovation communities.

Ovation Communities provides many occasions to enrich spiritual life through special celebrations and observances. In recognition of our heritage, a full-time Rabbi officiates at Friday, Sabbath, and holiday services at our campuses

Rabbi Adams, Director of Pastoral Care for Ovation Communities, provides education about Judaism to residents, their families, staff, and volunteers, and leads activities that enrich the lives of residents. He works with the Caring Partners program and leads numerous workshops for staff throughout the year.  He brings more than 35 years of experience as a Rabbi, which includes service in nursing homes, older adult education programs, college campus Hillel work, and Congregations.

We also have a Director of Traditions & Jewish Enrichment – Rabbi Levi Emmer. Rabbi Emmer leads worship at the Jewish Home Synagogue. He works to make sure traditional practices and observances are maintained at our facilities, even while we respect the diversity of our residents and their preferences. He oversees kashrut (matters pertaining to kosher food laws), as the lead Mashgiach (supervisor authorized to oversees the kashrut status of a kosher establishment). Kashrut supervision for the Ovation Communities campus is overseen by the Wisconsin K. He also assists Rabbi Adams in pastoral duties as needed.

Through an extensive program of services, activities, and one-on-one counseling, Ovation Communities seeks to expand the residents’ opportunities for spiritual reflection and inner healing.

Get Involved

Ovation Communities loves being part of the city of Milwaukee and its residence, If you’re interested in learning more about how to volunteer, ways to donate, or other ways to get involved, read about our Foundation.