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2021-2022 Foundation Fiscal Year End Report

Kavod Connections

As Ovation Communities continues to adapt and evolve through its care, services, and technology, one thing remains unchanged, the mission of inspiring the community’s older adults to lead richer and more meaningful lives through outstanding care and services, guided by our Jewish faith and our gratitude in serving residents of all faiths.

Finding new and creative ways to engage with and help support residents, the Jewish Home and Care Center Foundation is an important pillar of Ovation Communities.

“Despite the challenges Ovation Communities’ residents and staff have faced throughout the past three years, we continue to live our mission every day,” said Jewish Home and Care Center Foundation President Tanya Mazor. “Residents, families, volunteers, and donors have gone above and beyond to support the organization, which allows us to continue to make an impact.”

The Jewish Home and Care Center Foundation provided over $8 million in grants to Ovation Communities for operating cash, capital expenditures to upgrade and improve our buildings, and targeted underwriting of residents’ care, services, and activities.

“Adding to our care and services, Adult Day Services and the new Kavod Terrace memory care unit continue to enhance the lives of residents and provide extended services to the greater Milwaukee community,” Mazor said. “We are so proud to be making a positive impact on the lives of so many different people in a variety of ways.”

The Foundation ended its year with $165,421,822 in net assets, represented by $93 million in unrestricted funds, $52 million in Board Designated funds for resident financial assistance and future capital expenditures, and $20 million in temporarily restricted funds for the following purposes:

“Through your support, we remain strong and committed to adding life to lives,” Mazor said. “Thank you for your continued dedication, and for recognizing the significance and beauty of our mission to enhance our residents’ lives and provide the highest level of service and care that they deserve.”