Board Leadership

Kavod Connections

Ovation Communities recognizes new and retiring board members; celebrates giving with annual Golden Alliance event

Ovation Communities focuses on balancing wisdom, youth and history through its three boards to ensure continued strength and relevance long into the future. This year, a new Nominating Committee was added to help identify and recruit the best prospects. The organization is grateful to all members for their sage operational oversight, ambassadorship in the community, dedication to fundraising and unwavering commitment to Ovation’s mission.


Jay Frank, Chair
Charles Bley
Yaakov Cohen*
Chelsea Cross*
Eileen Graves
Rachelle Hart
Phil Himmelfarb
Sara Hoffman
Robin Irwin
Jarrett Luckett
Dennis Maiman
William Mayer
Bruce Paler
Arleen Peltz
Beth Peterman
Bob Rudman*
Marsheré Shackelford Ken Stein
Hon. Glenn Yamahiro


Howard Loeb, Chair
Shantel Bacchus*
Alan Borsuk
Todd Brachman
Suzy Ettinger
Emmy Ganos*
Beverly Gruber
Peter Klein
Yulia Koltun
Betsy Reilly
Gary Sobel
Leigh Tabak*
Rotating off:
Jeanette Peckerman


Richard Strait, Chair
Michael Altman
Eugene Bass
Jay Frank
Rachelle Hart
Philip Himmelfarb
Robin J. Irwin
William Komisar*
Howard Loeb
Arleen Peltz
Jaclyn Small
David Weber
Rotating off:
Josh Gimbel
Stephen Richman
*Indicates newly elected members.

New and Retiring Leaders Spotlight

Rob Irwin
Past Chair, Jewish Home and Care Center Foundation
“Rob served as our leader during what was probably the single most challenging time in Ovation’s history. In the midst of a global pandemic, he navigated leading virtually, working hard to keep members motivated and easing weariness with his genuine approach. We’re so grateful to Rob, and his legacy will live on through the many initiatives he supported, volunteers he energized and funding relationships he nurtured.”
-Tanya Mazor, Foundation President

Rick Strait
New Chair as of July 1, 2023
Jewish Home and Care Center Foundation
“ We’re honored to welcome Rick as the new head of the Foundation board. His incredible wealth of financial and investment knowledge, deep sense of partnership and collaboration, and strategic vision will ensure a strong path as we navigate the landscape ahead.”
-Tanya Mazor, Foundation President

Rachelle Hart
Chair, Nominating Committee
“Shelly’s deep connections in the community, knowledge of governance and genuine understanding of the philanthropic side of the organization are invaluable assets. As a longtime board member and partner, we’re thrilled she’s agreed to embark on this new role.”
-Tanya Mazor, Foundation President