Coming Full Circle: From Fundraiser to Resident

Kavod Connections

Stan Holland is a loyal resident of Ovation Communities. However, his loyalty is not only rooted in his current experience as a resident of Chai Point, but as a former board member and the husband of current Jewish Home resident Ceilia “Cese” Holland.

Although Stan has done a significant amount of work for Ovation in the past, it is the work that is done for him and his wife today that keeps him loyal.

In the late ‘80s, Stan was encouraged by his good friend Burt Zucker to join the board of directors. With Zucker serving as President of the Jewish Home and Care Center Board, and Stan’s other good friend, Bob Hirsh, or “the king” as Stan referred to him, serving as Vice President, it was an offer he just could not refuse.

“It was almost like a get-together of good friends,” Stan said.

During his time on the board, Stan received significant guidance from fellow board member Phil Rubenstein who was known for being both kind and generous, while leading through his actions. Although Stan did not know Rubenstein too well initially, the two quickly became close, and Rubenstein suggested Stan become the Head of the Membership Committee for Chai Point.

Stan held the Head position for two years, where he and the members served as fundraisers and constant promoters of Ovation Chai Point.

“[We promoted] what a wonderful resource Chai Point was, what remarkable work it did, and to make people aware of the fact that these services didn’t come cheaply,” Stan said. “These services require extensive effort and support, not only financial support, but community support. That, we felt, was our mission — to promote the value and make people feel necessary.”

Thirty years ago, Stan knew the importance of Ovation Communities’ mission of inspiring older adults to lead richer and more meaningful lives through outstanding care and services.

Yet, he was not surprised by the quality of care because he has always trusted the skills of the people involved, such as Michael Sattell, who Stan knew as a young boy.

When Stan and Cese were confronted with her abrupt memory loss, they turned to the Jewish Home and never looked back.

“[The staff has] been remarkable to my wife and that attentiveness is so important,” Stan said. “I think frustration is the underlying issue with memory loss. For everyone involved. No matter how frustrated Cese gets, or I get, the staff has done a wonderful job of teaching us how important family is in this situation.”

While Cese is receiving the outstanding care she needs through the Jewish Home, and her nurse Sabrina, Stan found his own support by moving into the place he helped raise money and awareness for 30 years earlier.

“I needed that support, and I got it from Chai Point residents… lots of them,” Stan said. “Every day when I visit Cese, they all ask me, ‘How was Cese today?”

After 71 years of marriage — and counting — the two are able to see each other every day and reflect on the blessings in their lives, such as the multiple volunteer experiences the two have participated in.

While Stan has given much to Ovation Communities, he remains thankful for what has been given to him, such as the great care Cese receives and the people that showed him how to be a kind and generous leader.

“We are thankful to this community for the opportunity,” Stan said. “Thanks to the Jewish Home for everything. Believe me when I say, you have our gratitude.”