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From the Desk of Tanya Mazor

Kavod Connections

What an incredible year! I am filled with gratitude for the generosity of so many in our community. Your gifts, of both time and money, have meant that our residents were able to enjoy many enriching spiritual, social and educational offerings. Programs such as our field trips to community happenings and festivals, extensive Adult Day Services offerings, meaningful volunteer experiences, and robust health and wellness activities are only possible because of you and your support.

As I think about philanthropy, I am reminded of a powerful quote by Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks of blessed memory: “the paradox of giving is that when we lift something to give to another, it is we ourselves who are lifted. I believe that what elevates us in life is not what we receive but what we give. The more of ourselves we give the greater we become.” We are unified in our shared values, we find comfort in our faith and belief, and we are strong from our shared sense of purpose to live the Kavod principle of serving our elderly with honor, respect and compassion.

While we reflect on the wonderful year behind us, I remain focused on the important work ahead. You may not realize that, in addition to making invaluable programming possible, our Foundation also supports essential operations. As Medicare reimbursements continue to decrease and the cost of providing care continues to rise, your support of our Foundation is essential. As such, I am personally asking you to consider a financial contribution. Now it is our turn to take care of those who contributed so significantly to our community. Every gift matters, no matter how big or small, and every dollar raised ensures that Ovation Communities has the resources necessary to give our elders an amazing place to live and enjoy the remainder of their years.

With deep gratitude,

Tanya Mazor
President, Jewish Home and Care Center Foundation, Inc