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Kavod Terrace (CBRF) Programming Features Arts and Music

Kavod Connections

While the construction of this 16-room memory care unit is getting finalized, Shelly Robinson, Resident Services Director of Kavod Terrace, has been working on resident programming, which will focus on music and the arts.

“Being able to create something from the ground up is so exciting,” Shelly said. “To know that Ovation Communities has a full service continuum of care is awesome.”

Focusing on gerontology while in college and being consistently involved with seniors throughout her career, Shelly has a passion for memory care. “We found in the research that as people age their memory almost seems to get younger, so being able to bring them back to their reality with music and art can be very calming,” Shelly added.

Judith Lebovitz, Ovation Communities Art Therapist, and Kevin Farinelli, Ovation Communities Music Therapist, report similar findings and express their excitement in applying their passions for art and music respectively to Kavod Terrace.

“Art therapy is an important therapeutic component of memory care,” Judith said. “It can stimulate and capture dormant memories and restore some language in seniors struggling with speech. My art therapy groups emphasize health and wellbeing, which helps our residents experience more resilience and personal empowerment.”

Judith has been working with residents at Ovation Communities, running multiple art therapy groups a week for both the Jewish Home and Chai Point residents since August 2022. However, her understanding of Ovation and memory care run deeper as her late father was a resident of Chai Point. Judith’s personal connection to Ovation’s mission influences her goals for Kavod Terrace.

“Art therapy at Kavod Terrace will help our residents maintain their dignity and feel empowered in their lives for as long as possible,” Judith added. Kevin, who has worked at Ovation for five years, has developed important relationships with residents through music therapy and is excited to develop 16 more at Kavod Terrace.

“Music therapy creates a holistic relationship between the residents, the therapist, and the music itself, and we use that relationship to promote health in various ways,” Kevin said. “With residents who are dealing with memory issues, it specifically helps with performative identity—the idea that you are what you do.”

While Kevin continues to nurture his relationships at the Jewish Home and Chai Point, he is also eager for the unique experience of Kavod Terrace.

“My hope for the CBRF is that residents will be able to take on a more active role in the music therapy process.”

Throughout its development, the overarching goal with Kavod Terrace has been to create a unique and exciting community. With its grand opening right around the corner, that vision will begin to take shape.

“Being that stand alone small community is what sets Kavod Terrace apart,” Shelly said. “The facility is just so serene, beautiful, spacious, and vibrant. We are really looking forward to assisting residents and adding life to lives.