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Celebrating Jewish traditions at Ovation Communities

Since the Jewish Home’s founding more than a century ago, Ovation Communities remains committed to caring for Wisconsin’s Jewish elders. Keeping Jewish customs and traditions alive is an important part of this mission. Residents, families, staff and supporters gather regularly as a community to stay connected to the ancient and modern customs that help shape Jewish life and identity.

In addition to daily worship, Ovation commemorated many significant holidays and observations this year.

“We say ‘vehigadeta levincha’ at the Passover Seder, the commandment to pass our torch from generation to generation. This is what we do at Ovation, where we link the past, present and future through our traditions. Our language and customs transcend the changes and challenges of our times, creating a mystical bond that unites us. 

Our residents share memories that span centuries, from their grandparents’ stories of the 19th century to their own experiences of the 20th century, to their legacy for the 21st century. And the children who listen to them today will carry their stories forward and keep them alive for generations to come. 

Our observances and celebrations are a resounding, standing ovation for Jewish life, a living testimony of our history and heritage. At Ovation, we are the link between the generations.”

-Rabbi Levi
Emmer Director of Traditions and Jewish Enrichment