October Moments – Art Ovation


Thank you for joining us for this wonderful event that highlighted the incredible art by Israeli artist, Sheila Bitan. 100% of the proceeds of the sale of Sheila’s art will be donated to the Jewish Home and Care Center Foundation. Help continue to support our residents with a magical by purchasing the art showcased at this event. For information on how to purchase Sheila’s art, contact Tanya Mazor at [email protected] or 414-721-9260.

the artist, Sheila Bitan, in front of an autumn tree.

Meet the artist

Sheila Bitan

Sheila is an Israeli artist whose interests lie in the strong and unique colors of the season.

Sheila was born in Israel and is married to David, the Foundation’s Director of Outreach and Engagement. Her and David met during their IDF military service in the air force. Together they have two adult children both of whom also served in the IDF. Sheila has a degree in graphic and exterior design studies and worked most of her career for an international shipping company.

As a child, Sheila always remembered herself holding paints, brushes and pencils but never had the opportunity to exhibit her art. When Sheila followed David to Milwaukee, she fell in love with the strong and unique colors of the fall and the art just flowed.

She is honored to share her art with you and donate 100% of the sales to the Jewish Home and Care Center Foundation.

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