Despite the challenges Ovation Communities has faced through this pandemic, it continues to follow its mission of providing a quality Jewish environment for residents with comfort, meaning, independence and dignity. Finding new and creative ways to engage with and help support residents, the Jewish Home and Care Center Foundation is an important pillar of the organization.

“This past fiscal year was extraordinary for many reasons, led by the ongoing pandemic and its emotional and financial impact on all of Ovation Communities,” said JHCCF VP of Development, Tanya Mazor-Posner. “Through the kindness of residents, families, volunteers and donors, we have been able to continue make an impact and add life to the lives of residents.”

In fiscal year 2021 the Foundation provided over $4 million in grants to Ovation Communities for operating cash, capital expenditures to upgrade and improve our buildings, and targeted underwriting of resident’s care, services, and activities.

The Foundation ended its year with $195,595,865 in net assets, represented by $140 million in unrestricted funds, $62 million in Board designated funds for resident financial assistance and future capital expenditures, and $24 million in temporarily restricted funds for the following purposes.

Temporarily Restricted Funds:                               ($000 Omitted)

Resident Care, Services and Activities                      $ 13,078
Spiritual Development                                                  $ 976
Facilities Support                                                             $ 13,004
Employee Education                                                       $ 2,468
Employee Appreciation                                                 $ 270
Greatest Needs Funds                                                   $ 3,906

“Adapting our programs amid the pandemic has been an exciting challenge,” Mazor-Posner said. “We have been able to increase our use of technology to continue and enhance the relationships formed pre pandemic. We are proud that we continued to impact their lives in many ways.”

  • Residents at our three facilities: 502
  • Adult Day Program attendees: 600; Total days of service: 3,244
  • Volunteers: 90; Total hours volunteered: 1,000
  • Geriatric Career Development students: 34; Total direct hours with our residents: 340
  • Intergenerational programs: 32; with 266 students from 17 youth organizations and schools, engaging with 921 residents

We continue to remain strong in the face of this ongoing uncertainty because of your support,” Mazor-Posner said. “Thank you for your continued dedication, and for recognizing the significance and beauty of our mission to enhance our residents’ lives and provide the highest level of service and care that they deserve.”