You are invited to join us for this special Grand Opening! 

In all of Wisconsin, there is only one kosher restaurant with table service – the Rubenstein Family Kosher Oasis, located inside the Jewish Home and Care Center. And that restaurant has just undergone a metamorphosis; from a simple café to an art gallery, where lunch and dinner are served with a taste of, at the moment, Hundertwasser. 

Friedensreich Hundertwasser (1928-2000) is the debut artist for the café, which is having its grand opening May 24, from 3-6 pm. With a new daily and Sunday brunch menu, in art gallery surroundings, the restaurant clearly gives you more to think about than your Wednesday night fish fry or falafel sandwich. 

Both artist and menu will change seasonally, with close attention being paid to what patrons preferences are in the restaurants’ new format. Besides the traditional table service, grab’n go service is being added, as well as self-serve coffee. All new décor includes lighting, flooring, wall-coverings and table-top items. In addition, music will be introduced; some live and some not. 

Tuesday nights will be special, with something different each week. For instance, we begin with Kids’ Night on May 31, with balloons and something special for the children. On June 7, it’s our first ethnic night, with a make-your-own-taco bar. June 14 we will be closed due to the religious observance of Shavuot. On June 21 we will have the live music of Rick Aaron and Mike Hetzel (flute and keyboard). 

The artwork by Friedensreich Hundertwasser was graciously donated by Florence Minkoff for the enjoyment of our residents and their guests. The Jewish Home and Care Center is proud to house several rotating art exhibits, as well as being home to several permanent art installations. Each of our locations (Jewish Home and Care Center, Chai Point Senior Living, Sarah Chudnow Community) has at least one rotating art gallery, with local artists being featured. To view images of the renovated Oasis, click here.