Prospective study to look at post-hospital syndrome.

A commitment to ongoing research is part of what keeps Ovation Communities on the cutting edge of long-term care in Milwaukee and around the country. A new partnership with Aurora Research Institute is giving added resources and recognition to Ovation’s research effort.

Ovation’s Director of Research Dr. Christine Kovach and her team have just started their first research study under the new partnership. Working with Michelle Simpson, PhD, RN, Director of Aurora’s Ed Howe Center for Healthcare Transformation, the research teams will look at post-hospital syndrome. A topic that is not well understood yet by the medical field, post-hospital syndrome refers to the period of vulnerability, ranging from 30 to 60 days, just after a patient is discharged from the hospital. During this time, people are at increased risk for rehospitalization from a diverse range of conditions, often unrelated to their initial hospitalization.

The research study will look at two key areas: what happens in the hospital that is later associated with hospital readmission, and how rehab and long-term care practice patterns impact outcomes.

“ We’re excited to partner with one of the top health systems in the region to study this and hopefully many more important topics that impact the lives of older adults,” said Dr. Kovach. “The care provided in the critical period after hospitalization hasn’t been well studied, and we hope that through this joint study we can effect change and improve lives.”

Working with 180 research participants at Ovation Jewish Home, and other long-term care facilities and hospitals in the region, the research team hopes to better understand how the care being provided impacts outcomes, and in turn how best to reduce hospital readmissions and other adverse events. Hospital readmissions are prevalent and costly, and existing research shows many are preventable.

If this is an area you are interested in supporting and would like to learn more, please contact Tanya Mazor-Posner, Vice President of Development, at 414-721-9260