Ovation Communities’ Adult Day Services offers a variety of programs for the community and residents. Specifically, two programs ReCharge! and the R+R Club give adults and seniors the opportunity to re-energize the body and brain. The innovative classes are designed to help create social connections and provide education and resources to make one’s journey smoother.


In 2010, Froedtert Memory Assessment Clinic reported a gap in services for people with mild cognitive issues. This created a challenge for medical professionals who found there were no existing programs in the area that fit this specialized group’s needs. Many patients had concerns about their memory and wanted to learn more about how to help themselves.

Dawn Adler, Director of Adult Day Services and ReCharge! collaborated to design a model brain health class and curriculum for the state of Wisconsin. Ovation supported this important need and successfully developed ReCharge!

ReCharge! combines controlled lifestyle choices along with regular physical and mental exercises to support memory. Using novel brain activities like writing with the non-dominant hand, circling all the “ofs” in an article, or naming 20 items in two minutes, help build stronger connections between brain cells. The idea is, the more pathways the better the brain can compensate for injury. Each class exercise focuses on the main abilities of the brain such as mental speed, language retrieval and problem solving.

ReCharge! is offered five days a week. Each class includes educational material related
to the brain, interactive mental fitness exercises, short-term memory work and memory techniques. Lunch and exercise follow two hours of cognitive work.

“To see improvements, you have to change your behavior, implement a simple memory technique and consistently practice. You can’t just sit and wait for your brain to work, it needs to be cued,” says Adler.

Many class members have seen improvements in their cognitive test scores and feel a greater sense of control. It becomes their weekly social outing among friends.

R+R Club

For younger individuals with memory loss looking to increase their social connections, Adler says the R+R Club (ReCharge and Renew) is worth checking out. Created specifically for individuals 65 and under, this club is the fastest growing addition offered by Ovation’s Adult Day Services.

The highly active program established two years ago is designed for people experiencing memory loss at an early age and seeking to improve the quality of their lives.

Fun outings and local cultural events help members build social connections and find comfort in belonging to a group where everyone is experiencing the same thing.

The popular R+R club adds a nice element of variety and excitement to the daily routines for those seeking a change or transitioning into a new phase of life. Club members meet every Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and start their morning in the Rubenstein Family Kosher Oasis.

Participants embark on a variety of excursions from the symphony to yoga classes and gong therapy sessions. Artists are contracted and the Conservatory of Music once offered drumming and piano lessons.

These quality experiences push individuals to stay mentally and physically active while their loved ones are often working.

For more information on these programs and others services offered by Ovation Adult Day Services, please contact Dana Rubin-Winkelman at 414-721-9249 or drubin-winkelman@ovation.org