Family and friends,

I am writing this on April 7, 2020, and it is impossible to know what our world will look like at the time you read this edition of Kavod Connections. My hope and prayers, like yours, is that we will all be safe and healthy. During challenging times like these we’re reminded of how important it is to come together as a community to care for one another.

Our team is doing everything possible to ensure the best outcomes for all of our residents and employees, physically, emotionally and spiritually. We are implementing many new processes, as you’ve heard about in our ongoing communications. You can read more about these specifics in our regular email updates and on our website, We are continually screening all essential visitors and we are taking the vital signs of each one of our residents daily. But amidst the changes, we are trying to make our communities feel as normal as possible.

Right now, we are discussing Passover preparation in the middle of this crisis. The beauty of our mission — to provide a quality Jewish environment with comfort, meaning, independence and dignity — is that it guides all of us in every resident-focused decision. Especially at this poignant moment in the Jewish calendar, and critically, at this time in human history.

While this year is unlike any other we’ve experienced, the promise of Passover has never been more powerful. Although we must temporarily refrain from communal activity for health reasons, we are still able to provide a meaningful Seder experience for each one of our residents and celebrate the power of our spiritual connection with our faith and each other.

As we are separated from our families and so widely dispersed this year, yearning for “Next Year In Jerusalem” has never felt more profound.